>"If ever there was a single book anyone interested in his or her health and well being should read without fail, this is it!" - Harvey Diamond, best-selling health writer of all time, author of Fit for Life, one of the top 25 best-selling books in history.

Praise for The Self Health Revolution

Just finished the book! Truly an eye opening read. Look forward to starting my 10 day challenge. Thanks for caring about us...



I picked up your book today in line at whole foods. Something just drew me to it! I didn't put it down. I read the entirety of it in a matter of hours and I'm honestly inspired. Tomorrow the hubby and I are starting our 10 day challange! I was utterly appauled at the pet food section, luckily I love my pets enough to have never fed them big brand dog food. Thanks!



Hello Michael! I LOVE your book! My friend met you in Atlanta and sent the book to me in WV! I work at a pilates studio and we offer a 6 week bootcamp to our clients and give a wellness book as apart of the inspiration to change their lives...we have chosen your book for this session! I was wondering how I could order 20 of your books and how long it would take to receive them? Our next session starts on March 23. Also, could you give me a price? Thank you so much and I appreciate your efforts in bringing how ridiculous our country has become to the forefront! Thank you! Thanks again for listening to your inner voice.

Cheryl Laws

A Pilates Instructor, WV

Loved your book. I'm only just finished the first read and I'm going back in with a highlighter and post it notes. It's alot to digest but I believe every word. Thanks for writing it.



Hello, My name is Ashley and I purchased your book yesterday at Whole Foods in Oakland Park, FL. I just started it this morning and have put it down or rather passed it on to my grandfather whom I am currently residing with. I am about to go purchase another copy for myself to continue reading, but I am so captivated already I am sure this is a book I would like to give to all of my family and close friends. Your book is confirming my recent fear of food and is already helping me to discover what I want to be eating. I sincerely cannot wait to get back to it, so on to the reason for this note... Do you have any special pricing on a case of the books? If so, please send me some information! I am benefiting from your research and efforts in producing this book so much that I will still buy many books without a discount, but I thought it would be worth a try. ;) Your new fan!

Ashley Wisor

A 16 Year Old Teenager, FL

Wow! Thank you for bringing this information to the masses - and sharing your personal journey.



Just picked up an autographed copy (I felt lucky) of your book the other night at Whole Foods. Not only am I myself really passionate about health but I work for Human Resources at Equinox and I'm looking for ways to promote what we preach. We'd love to have you come give a talk to our employees here at our Corporate Headquarters in New York City. If there are any other introductions that I can assist with (for partnerships, connections and Networking sake) I'd be happy to do so as well. Please let me know what your schedule allows for and if this is even an option. We love to have you.



I am NOT one of the fifty percent of people who did not read The Self Health Revolution cover to cover. In fact, I couldn't put it down. I am an 18 year old male student, and I just graduated high school. My name is Mack Lorden. This whole letter I am writing to you is a testament to the Gratitude & Forgiveness chapter. I just wanted to let you know the profound effect your book had on me and my future. I knew I had the discipline to remain healthy, but I did not have the wisdom that Self Health taught me prior to reading it. Whole Foods is in fact a wonderful place, and without your successive mentioning of it, I never would have known. I learned many things from your book, and I appreciate the time you took to gather all of that information. I read the 10 days challenge part, and said to myself, "Screw the ten days, I'll try it for life." By now I'm sure you realize how much help you've been in influencing my future. I now have a solid grasp on what I want to do with my life. Once again, I offer you many thanks. I do, however, want to encourage you to keep going with your health quest. I KNOW that I am not the only one who has found your book a life-saver. I hope you continue your efforts to thwart the terrible diets and habits of Americans. I firmly believe that this lifestyle can, and WILL turn into a revolution, it's only a matter of time. I will join your forces positively after I graduate from OSU, and hopefully before then. Keep fighting, for your sake, and for ours. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this."

Mack Lorden

A Medical College Student

Michael: I believe God sent you to me at this time in my life, through a "Whole Food's Dude" from Colorado who is now a real estate client in the Ozark Mountains. I am heading to Whole Foods today to shop for my FEVPOs! I am 58 with diabetes, 50 lbs overweight and hope to be your "poster child". We will stay in touch.



Hello Michael, I'm not sure if you can remember in December when you were doing a book signing at the whole foods store around Ponce De Leon. My husband bought your book for me a a Christmas gift and it was one of my favorite Christmas gifts that morning. I have been on the healthy lifestyle journey for a while, read books like 'The Regenerative Diet', 'The China Study', I mean every book I could get my hands on that was promoting healthy living and then I got yours! What an amazing read, I just could not put it down--even at work--ssh! lol. I can't begin to tell you how much I value your years of research put into this little health Bible. I know you recently signed a copy of your book for a certain Cathlene Sares, yes, she is my husband's aunt. I took your book with me to MA for New Year and filled her ears with details about your book, we were actually having a discussion about it two days ago and we both agreed it is on our top three book list now. Thank you for being you. God bless you and your family.

Bernice Angoh

African American Published Author

Dear Mr. Zenn, I am so glad that I decided to pick up your book at the whole foods today. I thought, I will glance through few pages and read it later. However, I could not put it down. Instead of studying for my exams, I am now racing to complete the book. I intend to complete the book tonight and take your 10 day challenge. I have lot of garbage to toss out but, that will happen gradually. Thank you for writing such a great health book. The great thing about this book is so easy to understand. Thank you again for all your effort and contribution.